New products from major replica watch brands are competing to debut

It is estimated that friends who follow the replica watch industry have been blown away by the 2023 Watches & Wonders "Watches and Wonders" high-end watch exhibition. New products from major watch brands are competing to debut, 'bombing' our retinas. At the same time, various celebrities replica Rolex, Internet Big names gathered in Geneva to witness the grand scene of the watch industry after the pandemic. Without further ado, let¡¯s taste the new watches worth paying attention to this year.

After the ODYSSEUS series was launched in 2019, it has gone through a bumpy process of market confusion, questioning, and recognition. However, its refreshing design style has led to the rapid development of the industry in the past two years. This year¡¯s Odysseus new replica watch has several highlights:

It is Lange¡¯s first watch equipped with an automatic winding chronograph movement. The newly developed L156.1 DATOMATIC movement once again proves Lange¡¯s strong strength as a high-end watchmaking brand;

The innovative chronograph hand dynamically resets to zero function. When I first saw this replica watch, the editor thought it was a split-seconds chronograph watch. After all, the split-seconds function was very popular in 2022. After learning about it, I was amazed: the two figures in the center of the dial. The rhombus-shaped tip hands are the chronograph minute hand and the chronograph second hand (red) respectively. This design can retain the highly recognizable genes of ODYSSEUS and German watches to the greatest extent, which can be said to be full of ingenuity.

After the timing is over, when the reset to zero button at 4 o'clock is pressed, the dazzling performance begins - while the chronograph minute hand jumps back to its starting position in a common way, the red chronograph second hand is like a red phantom traveling at high speed replica watches. A fraction of a second across the previously timed area (one complete revolution every minute).